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Join me in Bodyflow at Platinum Fitness - Southeast gym - every Wednesday 9:40am, and every other Saturday 10:40am! On alternating Tuesdays, join me at the East location 5:30pm.

The Moxieflow Studio is closed - 
but the heart and spirit are still alive and active in Tucson, Arizona.

We welcome investors, philanthropists or other interested parties that share our vision of COMMUNITY
Now more than ever, we the people - need one another.





physician and staff
small groups



-►Private Coach: Bodyflow Technique for Your body 
-►Instructor Coach: CRC, Audition/Filming Coach, Advanced Instructor Training/Support 

MOXIEFLOW is proud to bring you BODYFLOW!

The fitness class from New Zealand created by Les Mills. Dotti was inspired to take BODYFLOW out of the "gym" and into an uplifting environment fueled by her moxie, and thus, MOXIEFLOW was born!

BODYFLOW - with MOXIE! The eclectic approach to body-mind fitness. Uplifting music is the tapestry tailored to inspire your own moxie, which allows your inner child, athlete, warrior, dancer and guru to expressively emerge!

The Essence of Bodyflow

BODYFLOW will change the way you feel forever. You’ll become more physically and mentally aware. This holistic exercise class combines the traditional eastern disciplines of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates. Designed to reduce stress and relieve pain, the program will enable you to function and feel better. Nothing balances and tones faster!

In every 60-minute class you’ll experience flexibility, balances and core strength linked with smooth transitions and moments of calm. Each workout is structured to create harmony between breath and movement, action and relaxation, awareness and concentration. The result is a unique and seamless experience that draws you into balance. Read the class description.

New Zealand Origins

Inspired by the innovative Kiwi’s of New Zealand, a new routine is produced every 3 months that will motivate your body in new ways with new music, so it’s always fresh and never boring! Developed by experts – Les Mills employs a program team comprised of advisors including a medical doctor, physiotherapist, exercise physiologist and consultants from various countries around the world to develop the safest, most effective classes while achieving the best possible results for you. Students are encouraged to manage their own workout by working within their range and comfort level.

The story of the Les Mills family is one of creativity, inspiration, energy and passion. This extraordinary New Zealand family started group fitness classes in the 80s which have now grown into a remarkable “global family” in 80 countries around the world. They believe that a fitter planet starts with a fitter you! Learn more about Les Mills and their global mission.